Noun Town




[v1.05] ZOO + AR UPDATE

[v1.0496] UX addons + stability updates

[v1.044] Hotfix for SRS, Upload button

[v1.042] Hotfix for Learning Rush bug

[v1.041] Enahnced speech rec! Hotfixes for lessons + other bugs

[v1.04] Steam release!

[v1.03] Updated + bug fixes!

Noun Town on Quest!

2023-10-10: [v2.00] HUGE UPDATE!! BUGS? LET US KNOW!

After five months of work, we're delighted to show-off Noun Town 2.0, bringing Mixed Reality learning to Noun Town!

Alongside the brand new MR features, we've upped the graphics performance on the Quest 3 (with more to come!) and added 200+ fixes and optimizations since the last release!

As always, if you have any issues, please let us know so we can help you or push out a rapid bug-fix. Contact us via the Help option on our site, or visit our Discord - details for both on:

2023-05-12: [v1.06] KOREAN + JOBS GAME

Introducing Korean - our first language update (with 15+ more on the way in the coming months). Dive in and learn Korean with nouns, verbs, minigames and lessons!

We've also added a new jobs game (near the Zoo), where you can learn jobs vocabulary and get rewarded by skins for the LexiBot helper and fixed a various amount of bugs!

Changelog v1.06
  • New Korean langauge!
  • New jobs minigame!
  • Customize your Lexibot on the jobs terminal
  • Platform and screen panels height fixed
  • Speech recognition improvements

2023-03-16: [v1.05] ZOO + AR UPDATE

Introducing the ZOO - a whole new Learning Space, with Nouns, Verbs and Lessons to learn! AND WORLD ANNOTATE mode - point at anything in the world to see a translation. AND the Lexibands, which show you daily and all-time game progress updates (they also have a button for better distance grabbing)

Also, a NICER ISLAND layout. Oh, and in-game update messages. And 70% better performance. Plus MUCH nicer text. Better anti-aliasing. More options for game-settings customisation. And like 50+ fixes and updates, some of which listed below

Changelog v1.05
  • Fixed word revision test and srs sometimes skipping the multiple choice section in case of errors
  • Fixed fabricator lever which in some cases fabricated infinite items
  • Fixed fabricator issue which did not correctly count the spawned objects
  • Fixed Airship radio not properly reading cassettes' audio
  • Fixed learning rush not recognizing offered objects
  • Fixed learning rush not getting confused when 2 objects had the same translation
  • Fixed QAs menu not appearing when talking to npc multiple times
  • Fixed QAs not clearing the menu options when communicating with npcs
  • Fixed achievement issue where already met npcs wouldn't be counted
  • Fixed and improved tutorial with a more streamlined approach
  • Fixed reported broken lessons across the various languages
  • Fixed non-responding environment and items
  • Fixed occlusion on island environment
  • Fixed verbs in learning environments
  • Fixed conflicting teleport locations
  • Fixed reported data based issues
  • Fixed grab ray toggle
  • Added new settings options for skipping and preferences
  • Added leximails for in-game update log
  • Implemented new optimized island
  • Improved lexibot expressions
  • Improved elevators controls
  • and more...

2023-01-27: [v1.0496] UX addons + stability updates

Added new UX aspects, including the ability to choose to display the symbol or romanisation of symbol-based languages, the ability to reset all object locations in a scene, and smooth turn speed. Resolved bugs related to talking to Islanders, settings and interactions with the surrounding environment during minigames

Changelog v1.0496
  • Added a dedicate language option to prioritize the translation displayed
  • Added a dedicated option to reset all objects location while in any learning environment
  • Added new setting to change the player turn speed
  • Fixed fabricator issues in the airship
  • Fixed instances in which communication with Islanders would be blocked entirely by exiting the panel
  • Fixed instances in which communication with Islanders would be blocked by other minigames
  • Fixed teleportation to the exit inside the school environment
  • Fixed teleportation on stair located in the central zone of the map
  • Fixed Navigation glitch forcing you repeat the same search indefinitely
  • Fixed Weather game days of the week stage which could not be accessed
  • Fixed some objects collision detection issue
  • Improved grabbing and respawning mechanics for objects.
  • Corrected reported typos in dialogue and on doors..

2023-01-16: [v1.044] Hotfix for SRS, Upload button

A small hotfix to resolve an issue with the SRS not showing words, and for the Upload button in the Kiosk not registering

Changelog v1.044
  • SRS interface fixed, previously could freeze with placeholder text
  • If SRS failed, Lexibot would not respond to commands in blimp area. Resolved
  • Fixed Upload Button not being pushable during during test reviews after a set series of prior events occurred

2023-01-04: [v1.042] Hotfix for Learning Rush bug

A quick hotfix to resolve an issue related to Learning Rush minigame, where the counter and items wouldn't despawn on exit

Changelog v1.042
  • Learning Rush minigame, where the counter and items wouldn't despawn on exit

2022-12-24: [v1.041] Enahnced speech rec! Hotfixes for lessons + other bugs

We've updated how we retrieve and send user voices to improve voice recognition performance - let us know what you think! There was also problem with some lessons loading, and lesson ordering, as well as some minor quality of life fixes.

Changelog v1.041
  • Updated voice recognition to newer version
  • Italian lessons data file was incorrectly formatted, erroring out Lessons for Italian language
  • Lessons were being unlocked in the incorrect order
  • Tutorial bug during the learning five words could cause game to get stuck until restart
  • Couldn’t get in the office with teleport locomotion
  • Weird teleport ray block in Bakery
  • Ensure dog is on correct mixer and make quieter
  • Playing Steam demo could break full-game. Now resolved.
  • Animals floated on Airship; now grounded
  • Tutorial gap: if finished talking to Yennifer then close and reload during the tutorial, the location of the player was weird
  • [rainb] shows on buttons in NPC Chat/QA, now doesn't
  • Once the lexibot goes into the cafe and disappears, if you summon him, there is a teleport noise but no robot. Now, no noise at all
  • Exiting Learning Rush mode stopped all music. Now, music plays
  • Made SKIP TIMER button as easy to push as UPLOAD WORDS button
  • Learning rush: character clap is now no longer silent
  • Fix post learning rush bug which would stop replaying
  • Fixed a missing island collider
  • School Radio size was wrong, now right
  • Supermarket ambient and verb position overlapped, now have more space
  • Was a deadzone for animal movement in part of the farm, now resolved
  • Thumbstick deadzone threshold now increased to reduce drift
  • Radio eject button less temperamental

2022-12-15: [v1.04] Steam release!

Noun Town: VR Language Learning is now available on Steam!

It is v1.04 of the game, so comes with some small updates over the current Quest build. The Quest build will be made parallel later today, after testing. Get it here!

2022-12-06: [v1.03] Updated + bug fixes!

We are pushing an update fixing the bugs/major annoyances of players. Expand the changelog below to see them all:

Changelog v1.03
  • Fixed speech recognition bug giving false negatives
  • No Internet Connection Panel was not correctly dismissing after internet connections were re-established
  • Tutorial logic could get confused and not show the user the correct next steps
  • Listening to an object by holding it to your ear was not on the Speech SFX mixer, so volume was not controllable
  • Rabbit in farm scene was not correctly AI navigating around the scene
  • Bridge between resort-area and central-area could not be navigated using Teleport locomotion
  • Fabricator in the blimp could infinitely spawn items
  • Upload button was temperamental to push, and would not push correctly
  • Fabricator Object Destroyer Gun could be thrown out the Airship window
  • Changing language during the Tutorial didn't correctly reset a variable, requiring the game to be restarted to continue
  • Voice recording playback from the user was occuring sometimes; removed until a toggle can be added
  • Airship would have "jagged white lines" when looking through a window at the sea
  • Tooltips were hard to dismiss
  • Verb: To Pull was glitching for some users and unable to pull
  • Airship: fridge door could be pushed inwards when it should be static
  • Verbs: Lexibot might disengage from the verb when the user looks at another Islander
  • Players could still physically push the disabled locations in the Map, allowing them to teleport to them before they were unlocked
  • Airship was missing its back window, and so objects could be thrown outside
  • Other characters might greet you when you are already in a conversation
  • Lexibot "talk to user" marker would not show the written text if the user was already talking to another character
  • Lexibot was not teleporting immediately to players when summoned, instead walking slowly
  • Characters could have dark lumps on their skin due to lighting errors
  • Alarm object sound was piercingly terrible
  • Dog bark sound was too loud
  • Shelladonna's mouth was not moving while talking, and the Lexibot was too low

2022-12-01: Noun Town on Quest!

Noun Town is now officially available on the Meta Quest store. Visit: to see it!